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Simply ID provided you a quote # and quote information.  Please enter the information from options and checkout. 

1. Enter Quote # from Top Right Of Quote That Was Emailed To You. 

2. Enter Quote Estimate Total $ Amount from Quote at Bottom of Quote. 

(Shipping is already added in the quote provided to you if it is under 150.00)

3. Choose From Drop List Total Dollar Amount to Be Charged that Matches Quote Estimate Total.

***EXAMPLE*** If the Quote is $3045.00 Choose $3000 from list 1. $0 from List 2, $40 from List 3 and $5 from List 4. 

***EXAMPLE*** if the Quote is $395.00 Choose $0 from List 1, $300 from list 2, $90 from List 3 and $5 from List 4. 

4. Add to Cart & Check Out with a Credit Card or Purchase Order (Subject to Approval).

*We will verify quote number AND amount to insure the exact items are ordered.

*You will be emailed the invoice and tracking information within 1 ~ 3 business days. 

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